Binary Process Solutions

Proudly serving manufacturing companies worldwide for over 20 years. Solutions include industrial automation, custom LabVIEW programming and support, IT solutions, machine vision, and much more.

Binary Process Solutions provides high quality engineering solutions and support for manufacturing operations. We specialize in developing custom automation software solutions for process improvement and lot level tracability.

Our engineering team has several years of experience with IT hardware & software, custom LabVIEW programming & support, quality & inspection systems, process monitoring, statistical process control, vacuum technology, thin film coatings, photolithographgy, and many other manufacturing processes.

If you need help with getting old software to work on 64 bit Windows 10, contact us today. We also have experience converting old production LabVIEW code to newer computers, even when the source code has been lost.

Check out Lab Wizard, our metal finishing software that our plating and circuit board customers rely on daily.