Binary Process Solutions

Proudly serving manufacturing companies worldwide for over 20 years. Solutions include industrial automation, custom LabVIEW programming and support, IT solutions, machine vision, and much more.

What We Do

We provide high quality engineering solutions and support for manufacturing operations worldwide. We specialize in developing custom automation software solutions for process improvement and lot level tracability.

Our engineering team has several years of experience with IT hardware & software, custom LabVIEW programming & support, quality & inspection systems, process monitoring, statistical process control, vacuum technology, thin film coatings, photolithographgy, and many other manufacturing processes.

If you need help with getting old software to work on 64 bit Windows 10, contact us today. We also have experience converting old production LabVIEW code to newer computers, even when the source code has been lost.

Contact Us

Binary Process Solutions, LLC
1525 S Higley Rd STE 104
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P: (971) 281-0685

Managed Software Solutions

Lab Wizard™

Proudly serving the metal finishing industry for over 20 years, Lab Wizard™ is a chemical analysis software with built-in SPC features. Lab Wizard™ will help you pass audits and fine tune your plating processes and much more.

Wafer Scanner

This silicon wafer verification software was designed to compare a live in-process image of a diced wafer against it's corresponding wafer map. This software will verify if the correct wafer map is loaded in order to prevent the wrong die from being picked.

Preventative Maintenance

The Lab Wizard™ Preventative Maintenance Manager will allow you to schedule recurring PM tasks for every department. When tasks are due, the software will automatically update allowing the technicians to easily see what is due. Detailed reports are readily available.

Custom Solutions Built to Your Specifications

Machine Vision

Machine vision can be a powerful tool when it comes to automated in-line process inspection. We create customized automated inspection systems, process control based on visual input, process monitoring, and much more.

Process Monitoring

We can build customized process monitoring solutions to meet your needs. We have chemical resistant IoT temperature sensor boxes that send raw sensor data to our cloud platform and can be configured to send emails or text messages if configured conditions are met.

LabVIEW Programming

Our experts have over 20 years of LabVIEW experience. Lost the source code for old LabVIEW software? We have techniques to reverse engineer the functionality and get you up and running with a new computer. Contact us today with project specifics.

Specialized Services

Software Support

Do you have old applications written for Windows XP, 2000, 7, or any other old operating system where you need help getting it to work on 64 bit Windows 10? We have many techniques to assist you with getting this working on the latest operating system.

IT Solutions

Do you have specialized applications you need managed or have a need for general remote IT support? Do you have other unique IT needs? We will be happy to discuss any scripting, automation, or other support needs you may have.

LabVIEW Support

Do you need help with an existing LabVIEW application? Do you need help with interfacing LabVIEW code with hardware? Do you need custom drivers written? Reach out to us with details.